“Slightly out of context and most at home there"
Version 2.0

In many ancient cultures the androgynous or hermaphroditic body was understood to be an ideal conjunction of two opposing forces in one divine being, one figure of great power. It embodies the complex, multifaced nature of human sexuality and represents the complexity and interdependance of what was considered absolute and separate.

(Title as stated by ‘Miss Stormé de Larverie, The Lady Who Appears to Be a Gentleman”)


I labeled this series as 'Version 2.0', because - despite it's completeness - it is always in progress. Because of the constant developments in society around the subject of this series, the content of the series will change simultanously.
Mimik Magazine interviewed me about the recent developments and the one 'missing' photograph. You can read this interview on my website, under the 'publications' section.